18 Ways to Say Cheers

As the holidays approach and the year draws to an end, there is a lot to be thankful for, to celebrate and to look forward to in the year ahead. There are also a lot of toasts to be made and wine to be drunk!

And while toasting has quite a rich history, if you find the words escape you as you stand to offer your own toast in the coming days, you can refer to this cordial catalog of ways to say cheers from around the globe (and how to actually pronounce them). Depending on where your travels take you, you never know when they might come in handy.

You can bet Bing and Frank knew how to cheers in a few different languages.

You can bet Bing and Frank knew how to cheers in a few different languages.

With that, I’ll wish you cheers, santé, na zdravje and more!

Chinese: 乾杯 pronounced gahn-BAY

Danish: Skal pronounced SKOLE

Dutch: Proost pronounced PROHST

French: Santé pronounced sahn-TAY

Gaelic: Sláinte pronounced SLAHN-cha

German: Prost pronounced PROHST

Greek: ΥΓΕΙΑ pronounced YAHM-as

Hebrew: לחיים pronounced lah-KHAH-yeem

Italian: Cin cin prounounced CHEEN CHEEN

Japanese: 乾杯pronouced kahn-PIE

Korean: 건배pronounced gun-BAE

Norwegian: Skål pronounced SKAHL

Polish: Na zdrowie prounounced nahz-DROH-vee-ay

Portuguese: Saude pronounced Sah-OO-day

Russian: На здоровье pronounced nahz-DROH-vee-ay

Spanish: Salud pronounced sah-LOOD

Thai: โชคด pronounced chock-DEE

Turkish: Şerefe pronounced sheh-reh-FEH

A final cheers to the holidays!

A final cheers to the holidays!

No matter how you say it, though, I hope your holidays are merry and bright and that you all have a healthy, happy new year!

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