Well Isn’t That Special? Saturday Night Live Wines Are Here!

Wine retailer Lot18 has partnered up with Universal Brand Development and that institution of late-night comedy, Saturday Night Live, to create a series of wines based on the classic show’s sketches and characters.

There are just four wines in the collection for now, and each was made in limited quantities. Here’s a little more on each one if you decide to try them.

2016 Saturday Night Live California Red Blend: Live from New York! This is a blend of 73% Merlot, 18% Zinfandel and 9% Petite Sirah, some of which was aged in bourbon barrels for an extra oaky note. Among the fruit flavors you’ll pick out are black cherry, plum and things like vanilla and baking spice.

2016 Stefon Beaujolais: Yes yes yes yes yes yes. New York’s hottest wine is…Stefon Beaujolais. This Beaujolais from Burgundy has everything. Versatility, pairing ability, flavors of cranberry, violet and black pepper, and human tannins? What are human tannins, you ask? You’ll have to taste it to find out.

2016 Debbie Downer South Eastern Australia Chardonnay: Nothing to get depressed about here. This easy-drinking chardonnay has those creamy, toasty hallmarks any self-respecting party pooper would enjoy. Try it with fish or seafood…even though all the oceans are being overfished and populations of wild cod and tuna are on the brink of collapse.

2015 The Californians Monterey County Merlot: Merlot? Whhhhaaaaaattttt aaaaaarrrreeee yyyyooooouuu ddddddooooiiiiiinnnnnggg hhhhheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee? Made from grapes grown sustainably in Monterey County, this full-bodied red is good enough to take the 10 east to the 405 south at rush hour, even though you really should take Olympic to Sepulveda.

To learn more about the wines or buy them, check this page.

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