V is for Vino: Italian White Wines You Should Try This Weekend

Since it’s Friday, let’s make this quick and easy, with just three suggestions for Italian white wines that should be perfect for another hot summer weekend.

Italian wines can be confusing thanks to a surfeit of information on their labels and the fact that they tend to refer to wines by the region or denomination in which they are produced rather than the variety.

But to keep it simple, just look for three Italian white wines that all begin with the letter “v”. As in, “v” is for “vino.”

Even better, wines made from them will not only include the names of the denomination or region they come from as well as the winery that makes them, but they will also list the grape name on them, making them easier for you to find.


They're made from the same grape. The difference is the style.

If your Italian white wine starts with “v”…it’s going to be good!

Verdicchio: This grape variety mostly comes from the Le Marche region on Italy’s Adriatic coast. Wines made from Verdicchio tend to have mouthwatering acidity levels, aroma profiles that include citrus and stone fruits, fresh herbs and even some faint, nutty notes. Try this one with a simple piece of grilled fish or a light pasta dish.

Vermentino: You’ll find Vermentino grapes in Tuscany, Liguria and Sardinia. The wines made from it are often quite crisp with grassy green herbal notes and skosh of zesty citrus. Try this one from Sardinia for a great example of how fresh and tasty Vermentinos can be.

The most famous Vernaccias come from around San Gimignano.

The most famous Vernaccias come from around San Gimignano.

Vernaccia: The most well-known wines made from this grape come from the postcard-perfect (and often tourist-thronged) town of San Gimignano, about an hour’s drive from Florence. If you visit, you wend your way through leafy green vineyards up the hill to the town of seven towers, and can even sample the local vintages at several wine bars in town. Vernaccia di San Gimignano tends to exhibit zippy citrus notes like lemon and lime as well as crisp green apple, but also more complex layers like dried herbs and bitter almond. This one is a great benchmark.


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